The New Nintendo 2DS XL Is Coming To The UK In July

By Holly Brockwell on at

As if it's not exciting enough that today is Mario Kart Switch day, Nintendo have lit our fires once more by announcing the new 2DS XL:

It'll be available in the UK from July the 28th, and while the UK price hasn't been officially confirmed, it's $149.99 in the US and AU$199.95. Those figures translate to about £116, so we'd expect the UK price to be in that neighbourhood.

The new handheld will be available in black and turquoise or white and orange. Honestly, the second colour scheme seems kind of unnecessary, the first one is gorgeous and that white's gonna get gruuuubby in our bags.

Still, always nice to have a choice. Even if it's something that looks like a Solero.

The clamshell console has a screen the same size as the 3DS XL's, but without the 3D capability. The 2DS XL is designed to be a handy middle ground between that console and the existing 2DS. It's lighter than the 3DS XL and still includes NFC for your massive Amiibo collection (admit it).

Further good news: the 2DS XL can not only play 3DS and new-gen 3DS games (in 2D, obvs), it can also play original DS titles. That means you've got literally thousands of games to choose from, plus three new 3DS games at launch: Hey! PIKMIN; Miitopia and Dr Kawashima’s Devilish Brain Training.

You didn't need spare time anyway, right?

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