The Week's Top Android, iOS, and Windows Apps

By Tom Pritchard on at

App, app, and away! It's that time of week again, with your new dose of apps to improve the capabilities of your mobile devices. There's a nice little selection this week, so make sure to try them out, you may be surprised with what you find.


Free: iOS

Holiday season is on the way, and for a lot of people that involves jetting off to the beach. BeachBot is an app that helps you find the perfect one, in the form of a chat. It's just like going to a travel agent, since you can sort out your holiday by chatting with the rudimentary AI. Let's just hope that this computer doesn't say "no".

Cinema Club

Free: Android | iOS

Rather than forcing you to head to multiple cinema websites or apps, Cinema Club is designed to help cinemagoers figure out what's being shown where - regardless of where is. Big chains, local picturehouses, and so on, they're all in here ready for you to buy a ticket to the showing of your choice. I6's also got trailers, film synopses and cast information, news, release notifications and more. It even lets you filter out those annoying overpriced 3D screenings.


Free: Android

While all phones have a built-in spell check these days (for better or worse), they're not so good when it comes to grammar. Nothing is more irritating than autocorrect attempting to add an apostrophe when it's not needed. GrammarPal upgrades the standard spell check feature, GrammarPal scans any written text for mistakes you've made, whatever they may be, and correct them for you. It has a custom dictionary so that you can make sure there aren't any false flags, as well as a blacklist to skip the scanning in specific apps.

IFTTT (Update)

Free: iOS

One of the big names in automation got an iOS update this week, with an iOS exclusive update that should open up a whole lot more possibilities for you. IFTTT now has support for the iOS Calendar and the iTunes app store, so you can bundle them into new or existing applets and make your life more convenient. Obviously this won't be arriving on Android, well, ever, but it's nice to know that the automation bigwigs aren't going to let the fact Apple purchased Workflow get them down.


Free: Android | iOS

Did you know that libraries didn't just peddle real books? They haven't been ignoring the digital age, and many of them offer audio and ebooks for people to rent, saving you the hassle of overpaying for them on the likes of Amazon. But how do you know if your local is getting in on the action? With Libby. It'll let you borrow those 21st century upgrades to the humble paperback, without actually having to go to the library in question. Just make sure you have your library card handy, and use the app to get everything done. It can even send ebooks to your Kindle, if that's what you'd prefer.


Free: Android

While many services offer end-to-end encryption, you can't always trust your privacy will be held so dear. Oversec is an app that will encrypt information in any app, in what is called eye-to-eye encryption. That means it's only decrypted when it's on screen, and ensures you can't have information removed or accidentally uploaded to the cloud where security is less certain. It also functions as a PGP messaging app, letting you send encrypted emails though your usual email client.

Project Studio

Free: Windows

An organisational tool, designed to help you manage multiple projects involving multiple people without letting everything get too hectic. Tasks get displayed in different ways according to personal needs, whether that's a list or a timeline, to making keeping track of progress nice and simple. It has a cloud backup so you never lose anything, and a syncronisation tool that lets multiple colaborators work on projects together without having to constantly update the timelines individually.


Free:  iOS

If you're tired of being stuck on hold trying to complain, only to get shifted around from department to department because nobody wants to deal with your problems, give Service a try. They deal with customer service for you, and all you need to do is tell them exactly what's going on. They only get paid when you get compensation, so you know they have an incentive to do the best job possible. Though, naturally, that means you probably can't get them to shout at the local council for not collecting your recycling. Still, the bigger problems are the most time consuming to deal with, so this will be a god send in such situations.

TV Show Tracker

Free: Windows

Keeping tabs on upcoming TV shows can be a bind, especially when you're dealing with the American scheduling system that throws random breaks into the mix for absolutely no reason. TV Show Tracker is a client for Windows, letting you keep an eye on everything and make sure you stay up to date on your favourite programmes. It's free, has calendar notifications of upcoming episodes, stats about your own TV consumption, discovery tools, and more. If you struggle to keep on top of things, this is the app for you.

Win 10 Launcher for Android

Free: Android

Don't like the stock Android launcher? Wish you could use something Windowsy without actually having to use a Windows phone? Boy do we have the app for you. It overlays your homescreen and lock page with a Windows 10-inspired design, just like the Live Tile system - the one thing Windows got right.