The Week's Top Android, iOS, and Windows Apps

By Tom Pritchard on at

Who else doesn't give a damn about Easter, but can't help but be thankful for the four day weekend Jesus is responsible for? It's a shame it doesn't happen that often, especially since is the first time I've been employed in a such a way that lets me enjoy the Good Friday-Easter Monday break in all its glory. I'm also looking forward to the discounted eggs, because regular-priced Easter eggs are a fucking rip off.

Only two days to go until the mini holiday, so waste some of that time by checking out these lovely apps.

Bookout (Update)

Free: iOS

This one is designed to make it easier to track your reading, and helping you work towards goals so that you actually get all those books read. It's just had an update with a lot of features bundled in, including Apple Watch support, filters to help you sort through your books, tools to help you pull out the best quotes, the option to hide any read books so you can only see which ones you have yet to tackle, and more.


Free: iOS

Apple wouldn't really be Apple if it was content with letting third party companies offer a service to iOS users in the form of an app. It has to get in there with its own version to try and keep people away from anything distinctly un-Apple. Maybe that's an exaggeration, but Apple has gone ahead and released yet another first party app that will no-doubt be forced onto devices when iOS 11 rolls around. Clips is a simple video editor designed to make your videos more 'fun', like how Instagram and Snapchat have been doing for what seems like forever. It's quite basic, letting you shoot video and crop it down, before adding a variety of filters and stickers on. It's hardly original, but so far Apple has done a good job of safeguarding user privacy, and you can't say the same for Facebook and Snapchat. So if you'd rather ditch those services, you can.

Google Duo (Update)

Free: Android

Google would like you to stop using other messaging services, and the latest step to achieve that involves adding voice calls to Google Duo. That's right, you don't actually have to look at people when you speak to them! That way you can take calls on the toilet, without clothes on, or if you're embarrassed that you got too drunk and had your eyebrows shaved off. Isn't the future marvellous?

Instagram (Update)

Free: Android | iOS

The Facebook-owned photo-sharing app's latest feature might seem a little bit familiar. That's because Instagram Direct's new feature is literally the same thing as Snapchat. Self-deleting messaging was added a while back, and now the app has rolled out self-destructing photo and video features that function alongside it. So Instagram is rolling out Snapchat's features, but in reverse. So if you have the need to send people photos of your genitals without leaving risking them showing everyone, and don't want to switch apps in the process, Instagram has your back. Just make sure you ask permission first, ok? Nobody wants that kind of surprise.


Free: iOS

Picking a holiday can be a bit frustrating, especially if you're not sure where you want to go. What if there was a way to make it easier? Luckytrip makes it easier for you. Just set your budget and press the button. The app will then generate a adventure for you to go off and enjoy, with complete trips available in up to 300 destinations. It'll find you somewhere to go, where to stay, and unique things to do when you're there. The first two are sorted by Skyscanner and to ensure you get the cheapest prices, and there are filters to ensure you don't end up getting matched with things you don't like. The best part? Each trip can be shared with friends, so you can all go together.

Netflix (Update)

Free: Windows

Netflix is available pretty much everywhere at this point, but if you're still willing to use the app on a Windows device you have a nice treat in store. Netflix on Windows 10 will now let you download certain videos for offline viewing, much like it's been able to do on Android and iOS for a little while. It's not everything in the Netflix catalogue, but there's a reasonable amount to choose from - even if the majority is the original programming.


Free: Android | iOS

A new app from the people behind Runtastic, offering up over 40 recipes and 'kitchen hacks' to help you cook healthier food and maintain a healthier lifestyle. Each recipe has a full video tutorial to get you from start to finish, a full calorie and macronutrient breakdown, and different filters based on what sort of meal you're after. Is it less than 200 calories, perfect for eating after a workout, that sort of thing. Exercise is only one part of a healthy lifestyle, and this app is designed to make the other, more important, bit a lot easier.

Skillshare Online Classes (Update)

Free (with subscription): Android | iOS

Bettering yourself with online learning tools isn't new, and Skillshare has been making it possible to learn new things with little more than your phone. Be it business, photography, design, and so on. It's just had a new update with a fresh new design, simplified learning process, improved search and saving functions, as well as removing the barriers that were in place when people wanted to 'enrol' in the lessons. If you have some free time, and want to pick up a few new skills, this might be worth a go. There are over 15,000 classes to choose from, but free users only get access to around 100. If you want the rest, and used up the 30 day free trial, you're going to have to cough up £8 a month.

Skype (Update)

Free: Windows

Skype's Translator feature is a pretty miraculous tool, letting you have video conversations with someone speaking a completely different language by translating it in real time. The languages it can handle has been limited, however, with only a few supported. The latest update raises the number of languages up to 10, with support for Japanese. That means you can call someone in Japan and talk about anime (or something) without actually having to learn what the other one is saying.

Unimersiv Cardboard & Daydream

Free: Android

A VR app for Cardboard and Daydream headsets (as the name suggests) that lets you take virtual field trips to various locations in time and space. It's not quite as useful as a TARDIS, but you can use it to head back in time and take a look at places like the Athenian Acropolis or Ancient Rome, blast off to the International Space Station, study the anatomy of the human body, and more.