These Fans Freaking Out About John Boyega Is What Star Wars Is All About

By Germain Lussier on at

Over a week has passed since Star Wars Celebration, but some of the super cool happenings are still coming to light. This story of a young Jyn Erso, for example, as well as this video of John Boyega sneaking up and surprising fans. Check it out.

The video was done for Force for Change, a worthy charity that’s giving away some really great prizes. But more than that, seeing the pure joy (or terror) on the faces of those fans is why Star Wars is so popular. So few things touch people on such a personal level and you can truly tell that the quick moments each of these fans shared with Boyega, who was running around Celebration like a mad man, meant the world to these people.

What do I mean about Boyega running around like a mad man? Well, check out this video at around 38:17. You’ll see yours truly at Star Wars Celebration, ready to break down the new trailer, only to be surprised by, well, you guessed it.

This guy just loves Star Wars and fans love him for it. [YouTube]

Image: Omaze