Three Network Recovers From Downtown: SMS Texts Were Reportedly Going To The Wrong People (Updated)

By James O Malley on at

Update (08:24am Sunday): It appears that Three thinks that it has done something overnight, as the @ThreeUKSupport account is now telling a number of users that the problem has been fixed, and recommends restarting your phone if you're still having problems. So fingers crossed everything is back to normal!

There are reports this afternoon and evening that Three UK - the UK's 4th biggest phone network - is having major problems with SMS text messaging today.

According to numerous reports on Twitter, users have reportedly been unable to send text messages to each other for most of the day.

There are even reports that some text messages are being sent to the wrong person. We have been unable so far to confirm this (we're only reading the same tweets as everyone else), but if you're a Three user, better hope your last message wasn't anything too risqué, just in case.

The Three network itself has tweeted the following statement - with no mention of the apparent "wrong texts" problem:

We asked Three what was going on, and a spokeperson told us essentially the same as the above tweet. But here it is in slightly wordier language:

"We are currently investigating a network issue affecting sending and receiving text messages and making calls. We apologise for any inconvenience caused. Please be assured we are working to resolve this and will provide an update as soon as we have one."

We'll update this post if they say anything more substantive. Do let us know too in the comments if you've experienced the same problems.

Here's hoping they get it sorted soon though. In the words of one user...