Today Will Be The First Working Day Without Needing Coal Power Since The Industrial Revolution

By James O Malley on at

Brilliant news for anyone who doesn't want to swim to work in a few decades time: Britain is slowly but surely kicking its dirty coal habit. The National Grid tweeted the rather exciting news that today could be the first working day in Britain since the Industrial Revolution that we've gone without needing to generate any coal power:

According to Gridwatch at the time of writing coal accounts to 0.00% of electricity generation in Britain. Instead, the reason the lights are staying on is thanks to nuclear (18.06%), CCGT - combined cycle gas turbine (47.68%), and wind power (13.14%), as well as a bunch of other tiny sources, such as hydro and biomass.

This isn't the first time coal usage hit zero. It first happened last year but that was overnight when demand is low. This is the first time it has happened during the working day, when demand is at its highest.

Britain currently has 16 remaining coal power plants, but the government has announced plans to phase them all out by 2025 - which is great news as coal is by some stretch the worst fossil fuel pollution wise.

Now let's see if we can keep it at zero.