Unlucky Moped Thief Gets Nabbed By Tom Hardy

By Holly Brockwell on at

A moped thief who ran a red light on the stolen vehicle before crashing into someone's Mercedes presumably got the shock of his life when Tom actual Hardy pelted after him, scaling garden walls and a building site before catching the scoundrel and handing him to police.

The Sun reports that the actor witnessed the crash in Richmond, South London, where he lives and "went into superhero mode." However, we've only got bystanders' word for it that it was the Taboo star – the man himself has not commented to confirm or deny.

Apparently, Hardy legged it after the thief – one of two on the moped when it crashed – through an "assault course" of scenery before giving him a pat-down at a bus stop. The other suspect was apprehended almost immediately, and both were injured when they were picked up by police. They're now apparently facing theft charges.

Witnesses said that Hardy referred to the thief as a "little shit" and declared that he'd "caught the cunt," which makes us doubt it was really him – everyone knows you need subtitles to understand Bane. [The Sun]

Gif: Giphy. Main image: David Holt via Flickr CC

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