Trump Might Add UK Airports to the Naughty Terrorist Laptop Ban List

By Gary Cutlack on at

That man in America who sets the day's news from Twitter in bed each morning has struck again, with the latest rumours from Trumpland suggesting that UK and European airports could join the ban on bringing laptops and tablets into the country on flights.

This comes from people writing secret messages to the Guardian and The Times, who say that the US is considering adding the UK and, oh, just the rest of Europe, to the list of countries not allowed to bring electricals bigger than phones into the country.

US Homeland Security spokesperson Gillian Christensen said: "We’ve said we will continue to evaluate the threat environment and make determinations based on that assessment, but we have not made any decisions on expanding the current restrictions against large electronic devices in aircraft cabins from selected airports."

So getting a train around Europe or visiting a few Welsh castles might make for a better holiday destination this year than the US, seeing as it wants to make getting there as miserable and threatening as possible. [Guardian]

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