Twitter Lite is a Mobile Web Twitter That's Better Than the Real Thing

By Gary Cutlack on at

Twitter's decided that it's all got a bit too complicated out there, and has released an entirely new mobile web version of its site that's all clean white, minimally designed and loses loads of the tat around the edges that no one cares about. It's suddenly become the best Twitter client.

Twitter says this is to make the web experience better for people who can't or won't have the app on their phones, or are using something bizarre from China that can't access any app stores and would therefore rather use the web site to see retweets of what David Schneider thought up to say in bed last night. It auto-refreshes too, so you can literally just look at it and do nothing.

Here's the official explanation:

It's like loading a version of Twitter from 1998, had it existed back then. The only problem will be that the people who use it will still be the same angry political nerds of 2017 and randoms spelling things wrong ironically because they can't think of anything clever to say, so it won't stop the site's endless decline into irrelevance. [Twitter]

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