UK Drone Complaints Tripled in 2016 Compared To 2015

By James O Malley on at

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's probably just an intensely annoying drone given the huge increase in the number of police complaints being made about drones.

According to The Guardian last year there were almost 10 complaints about drones per day made to UK police forces - with 3456 complaints made in total. By comparison, in 2015 that number was just 1237, and only 283 in 2014.

The numbers cover all sorts of different drone complaints, from allegations of spying, to smuggling into prisons, to simple mid-air near misses. It has been separately reported that last year Heathrow Airport had 70 near misses with drones.

The data was apparently retrieved by the Press Association through Freedom of Information Requests to police forces - and given that not all responded, the Graun notes that the real tally of complaints is likely to be even higher.

We think the lesson here is pretty clear. If you've got a drone, don't be an idiot. [The Guardian]