Someone Asked UKIP If Their Face-Covering Ban Includes Beekeepers

By Holly Brockwell on at

When UKIP declared that "face-coverings" would be banned in public in Britain under their rule, they probably weren't thinking about beekeepers. But a heroic heckler at a UKIP election event at the Marriott County Hall in Lambeth insisted the party consider the full ramifications on their snap declaration, and its potential impact on people who keep bees.

Brilliantly, UKIP deputy Paul Whittle said the suggestion was "ridiculous" – that is, the suggestion that beekeepers would be included, not that face-coverings should be outlawed – and that of course the ban would only apply to things like burqas, which the party claims are a barrier to 'integration.' Quite how a British woman wearing a burqa needs to 'integrate' wasn't made clear, and nor were the criteria for which face-coverings would and wouldn't be acceptable. For example, would a beekeeping veil be OK if worn by a brown person? Muslims keep bees too, y'know.

One thing's for sure: UKIP's definitely lost the beekeeper vote. [Independent]

Main image: Hashoo Foundation via Flickr CC

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