Unfakeable Fiver Faked and in Circulation

By Gary Cutlack on at

That new fiver with all the fancy windows and polymer construction designed to make it secure and harder to smash out a batch on a colour printer? It's been faked already, with police in Cornwall saying some have been spotted in circulation.

Wadebridge police say they found some counterfeit English fivers being passed off in the area, and although they look good enough to fool the odd stressed checkout operative, there are a few obvious markers that single the notes out as being nothing more than passable copies.

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The Big Ben clock tower is missing from the fake versions for a start, as printing its shimmery gold outline atop the transparent window was a bit much for the printer of whoever knocked out this batch. The holograms were also beyond the ability of the faker's Deskjet, as they're the wrong colour and only a bit shiny rather than actually holographic in any way.

They're pretty much the right shape and colour, though, and do have the seethrough bit, so could conceivably trick a distracted cornershop employee. [Cornwall Live]

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