'Land of Legends' Will Make You See Wales In A Whole New Light

By Holly Brockwell on at

Tourism websites are usually a pretty cringey affair, with slogans straight from the 80s and stock photos of people enjoying themselves on generic beaches. The new one for Wales, though, doesn't have any of that – it's got a distinctly neckbeardy flavour. And we love it.

From the name – Land of Legends – to the .wales domain and freaky illustrations, it makes Wales sound like a kickass historical wonderland. Which, we've learnt, it basically is.

The site is divided into themes like "Boots and Bread (Industrial Heritage & Hardship)," "King Arthur (Merlin, Dragons & The Sword In The Stone)", and even "Ghosts (Spooky Haunts & Tales Of The Otherworld)," with each one listing cool places to visit on that theme.

For Ghosts, for instance, you can visit the ruined 12th century Pennard Castle in Swansea:

Image: Gareth Lovering via Flickr CC

Or the tricky-to-pronounce Plas Newydd in Llangollen, where one of the most famous lesbian couples ever – poets' friends the Ladies of Llangollen – lived in the 1700s and are now said to haunt.

Image: Alistair Young via Flickr CC

You can also explore by region if you've got a trip to Wales planned. We didn't, but we have now.

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