We're Getting Some Coloured-in Coins

By Gary Cutlack on at

An updated set of  Beatrix Potter 50p pieces is launching in the UK later this year, and in a bonkers first for our historic coinage some of them are being coloured in. It's enough to make you embrace the euro.

Yes, little Peter Rabbit will be wearing an actually-blue blue jacket in one version of the 50p, while his little animal friends will also feature some special colours on their clothing. It's a shame we're all so poor that we'd have to immediately spend them anyway.

But the coloured ones aren't really meant for spending. Four regular coins will be released into circulation, with the coloured versions limited to a 30,000 production run and put on sale for collectors at £60 a time. So unless some insane rich people buy them then fall on hard times in later life, they're unlikely to ever be found in your change.

The Royal Mint says it's doing this in response to the popularity of the 2016 edition 50p pieces, which immortalised other characters from the Beatrix Potter books. And it would appear that this set is about to go ballistic, as the Royal Mint's web site is currently besieged to such an extent that there's a weird queuing system in place to stop people crashing it. [Royal Mint]