Who Needs CGI? Photographer Builds His Own Slick, Miniature Scenes

By Gizmodo Australia on at

By Logan Booker

Being on location isn't always possible as a photographer, so what can you do instead? Bring the location to you, of course. Or build it... in miniature. Camera maestro Vatsal Kataria has been refining two crafts at the same time — one behind the lens and the other behind a paintbrush — to create (and snap) tiny replica scenes featuring everything from cars to helicopters.

As Kataria explains to PetaPixel's Michael Zhang, the main impetus was to just try things out, rather than any commercial demands:

"I started miniature photography as an experiment but slowly and slowly I learned a lot in this genre,” Kataria tells PetaPixel. “My motive is to encourage everyone that you can be creative and great photographer — it’s not just expensive gear and props."

Kataria goes on to say that he does his best to build everything from scratch, "making them in the cheapest way possible".

Image: Vatsal Kataria

Image: Vatsal Kataria

Image: Vatsal Kataria

[Vatsal Kataria, via PetaPixel]