Wonga Calls in Police Over 245,000 User Details Hack

By Gary Cutlack on at

Payday loan specialist Wonga appears to be the latest high-profile victim of a hack, with the lender saying that details of 245,000 UK customers have been hacked out of its servers.

It's quite a bad one too, technically speaking, as in the data haul is believed to be the last four digits of its users' bank account cards, along with account numbers, sort codes and addresses. It's a data-theft bonanza, hence the calling in of the police.

Wonga says the data was accessed last Friday, so it does at least earn some cyber-security brownie points by going public with it ASAP instead of  keeping it quiet in the hope it all goes away. Wonga said something like blah-de-blah we're sorry, and now faces the nightmare task of contacting all of its customers to apologise and tell them what needs to be changed. [Sky News]

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