Woolworths Could Return to the UK High Street

By Gary Cutlack on at

Woolworths, which still exists in the high streets of other countries but was so broke here that it closed and sold off all its fixtures and fittings in the UK in 2008, might be about to return to the fatherland. Its former boss is looking to buy the brand name back and use it to launch a fresh attack on the UK's budget retail market.

That's according to the Daily Star, anyway, which says that the chain's old MD Tony Page has approached current brand name owner Shop Direct about buying it back and having another go at running a nationwide chain of shops.

Page told the Star that: "I have contacted Shop Direct and said 'you're not using the brand anymore, would you consider giving it to someone who would?' They have taken the website down, so I'm curious now as to what might happen next because I still think the brand has got some propriety in spite of what happened in the past."

So he's sent someone an email about it and hasn't heard back. It's not going to happen any time soon, but we're still slightly excited about possibly being able to buy a Bananarama single, a foil baking tray, some candles and a bag of American hard gums all from the same place once again. [Daily Star via Retail Gazette]

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