Ever Wanted To Check On The Sprouts From The Shower? You're In Luck

By Holly Brockwell on at

Everyone knows the rental market in London is bonkers, but it does somehow keep surprising us.

This "beautiful" studio flat in Chiswick has taken minimalism to new heights, consisting of someone's old lounge with some kitchen units and a shower. Yep, that is pretty much the entire "flat" in the photo.

Let's break down some of the exciting features of this "refurbished to a high standard" abode:

  • There's an electric fireplace in the worst possible position, right under the window so all the heat you're paying for can escape immediately.
  • To add insult to injury, the lead has been left trailing across the floor so you can trip over it on your way out of the shower, which is about half a metre to the left.

  • To add pisstake to insult to injury, there is a large blocked-up fireplace on the other wall, which apparently wasn't a good place for y'know, a fireplace.

  • The fireplace isn't even centred under the window.
  • It's also not plugged in, because the power socket to the right of it is hanging off the wall:

  • There are two blind sockets to the immediate right of the shower. You can't plug anything in, but you can probably still electrocute yourself while wet and depressed because you live here. Not the kind of power shower we prefer.
  • Where you're going to fit a bed is anyone's guess, but at least it only needs to be a single because no one's going to visit you here.
  • It's on the ground floor so you can probably climb directly out of the sash window rather than bothering with the door. Said window does not appear to lock, so burglars can do the same in reverse. On the bright side, they might burn themselves on the fire if you can get it plugged in.
  • There is a SHOWER in the KITCHEN. Which is also the entire flat.
  • There doesn't seem to be any kind of extractor system, so you'll just have to deal with the damp.
  • It breaks several building regulations, but at least it doesn't have a toilet in the kitchen. Because that's shared with the other neighbours. Wonder what their flats are like!
  • At just £850 a month, it includes all bills! Even the one for running a fire directly underneath a window!


The flat, for now, is advertised on Gumtree and was spotted by Redditor hi7en, who posted it under the creative title 'Just in case you want to see your Mrs baps whilst your toasting some baps.'

Any takers? Too late, it's gone. We hear there's a 'refurbished' phone box on Dalston High Street coming free soon though. [Reddit]

All images via Gumtree

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