WTF? Samuel Smith Brewery Bans Swearing In Its Pubs

By James O Malley on at

Next time you go for a drink, you might have to watch your mouth, as it is has emerged the Samuel Smith brewery has banned bad language in its pubs.

According to The Sun the company, which operates around 200 pubs around the country, has introduced a "zero tolerance" policy and that staff could refuse service to anyone who is caught swearing.

It has apparently issued the new instructions to pub managers in a memo sent out on the 12th April. The news first emerged when one pub manager in Teeside told his local paper.

Of course, in reality we'd guess you probably won't be booted at swearing, and it's instead a policy that has been sensibly designed to stop drunken idiots abusing beleaguered staff. But no one would want to print that, because that isn't quite as exciting.

This news does, however, follow the revelations that we broke in February about how Fullers has been secretly turning it's pubs sugar free. [The Sun]