People In London Work An Extra 100 Hours A Year

By Holly Brockwell on at

Apparently, it's not enough that Londoners can't afford homes and have to pay an arm and a leg for a pint: they work 100 hours more a year, too.

Data from the Office of National Statistics shows that while most of the UK works an average of 31 hours a week – 1,612 a year – London's figures are 33 and 1,716, meaning capital-dwellers are working an extra 104 hours a year.

Image: ONS

Ronald McQuaid, professor of work and employment at the University of Stirling, told the BBC: "Certain industries, such as financial services, typically work longer hours and there's a high concentration of these in London. Younger workers are more likely to work longer hours too, especially if living in an expensive area." (There are non-expensive areas in London?).

On the bright side, Londoners do get paid more, though we spend it all on daft things like hipster launderettes, renting hallways, and travelcards for trains we can't get on because someone burnt the toast. Maybe we should be spending it on therapy, come to think of it. [BBC]

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