500 Kids Took a Knife to School With Them Last Year

By Gary Cutlack on at

A Freedom of Information probing of data from 32 police forces in England and Wales has revealed the shocking state of warfare in our schools, with air rifles, axes, improvised battery tasers, metal rods and even a rolling pin being taken into buildings by children keen to win local turf wars and settle scores.

The data found that nearly 500 kids took a sodding knife with them to school either for intimidation or personal protection one year, with a total of 1,369 weapons found and seized between April of 2016 and early in 2017. 26 assorted guns -- air-powered and replica -- were taken from children, along with a police baton one had obtained and an improvised stabbing device made from a paperclip.

The saddest cases involved a handful of five-year-olds, one of which was armed with a knife and another with a rock or lump of something hard to use as a missile. At least they'll be well prepared for the food riots of the future. [Guardian]

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