The Week's Top Android, iOS, and Windows Apps

By Tom Pritchard on at

We saw the final trailer for Wonder Woman earlier this week, and we're just over three weeks away from the release date. The trailers make it look great, which worrying. The trailers for Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad were quite good, and well. Ehhhh. I really don't want Wonder Woman to suck. I generally like Marvel more than DC, but the more great adaptations we can get the happier I'll be. Wonder Woman's deserved her own film for more than a long while.

Anyway while I fret about that, here's this week's dose of apps.


Free: iOS

I was never very good at maths at school, and it's such a shame that I didn't have smartphone apps to help me out. Felix is an app to help kids and kidults get to grips with the world of mathematics, solving problems for you and showing you exactly how you can do it yourself next time. Yeah it's a bit like cheating, but if the textbook can't help you out then Felix might.


Free (with premium subscription): iOS

There are a lot of languages out there that could prove beneficial if you learn to speak it. Mandarin Chinese is one of them, but it's not known for being simple. HelloChinese is designed to make it easier, helping people reach a conversational level of understanding nice and quickly. It's game-based learning to help your speaking, reading, and writing skills, but if you want access to all of them you'll need to subscribe.

Link ATM Locator

Free: Android | iOS

It's easy to find a cash machine these days, but what if you need a a very specific cash machine? Link ATM Locator helps you find the nearest cash machine connected to the LINK network (that's over 70,000 of them), with powerful filters to make sure you get what you need. Need a £5 note? There's a filter for that. looking for a specific bank? No problem. Need audio assistance? You got it. Sure you could just use Google Maps, but if you need something better, this is the way to go.

MEGA Privacy

Free: Windows

Cloud storage services are all the rage these days, but how many of them care about securing your privacy? MEGA does, and encrypts everything that goes on its servers, with it only decrypting when you access your account. That way they can't see it, and it's much less likely to be accessed by snoopers when you're not looking. This is an official Windows client for the service, letting you save and access your data directly.

Mobile Witness

Free (with in-app purchases): Android

Hopefully you'll never have to use this, but if you're ever in a situation where you need to use your phone to collect evidence (without the risk of the phone and/or data being destroyed) this app could be a very helpful tool. When active it constantly records video, audio, and location data and discretely uploads it to a cloud server for later retrieval. It continues to record when the app is minimised and the screen is off (until you tell it otherwise), and only goes to your own cloud storage accounts - nowhere else.

Net Aware

Free: Android | iOS

An app for parents made in collaboration with O2 and the NSPCC, Net Aware is a guide to help all parents understand the kinds of things their kids might be using online. It skips the legalese you might find in terms and conditions agreements so that they understand privacy settings and safety guidelines for multiple games and social media platforms. Examples of what's inside are minimum age requirements, guides to adjusting privacy settings, how likely it is that your kids will come across inappropriate content, and more.

Shadow Running

Free: Android

Running out in the real world is hard, but what's harder is not being able to know how you're progressing until the very end. You can use fitness tracking apps and gadgets, but those only work as well as your brain. Shadow Running is something different, forcing you to go up against your past selves - a bit like the ghosts in racing games. Throughout your run you'll be notified of how you're doing compared o your past self, meaning you can pick up or lessen the pace as you see fit. You can also race against friends, and tackle daily challenges.

SoundCloud (Update)

Free: Android | iOS

This week SoundCloud has introduced something called The Upload, a new discovery feature that updates on a daily basis. It delivers you a list of the best new music on the platform, personalised to your own personal music tastes. Will it be enough to get you off whatever streaming service you already use? Try it and find out.

Waze for Android (Update)

Free: Android

SatNavs and their eventual apps have always had plenty of options to add celebrity voices to your directions. Now Waze, that app that uses data from users all over the place to identify congestion and find you an optimal route, is letting you use your own voice. So if you want to take advantage of what it has to offer, while telling yourself what to do, this is a must have.