6,000 Drivers Caught on Their Phones in a Month

By Gary Cutlack on at

The thrilling modern extreme sport of driving while paying attention to a screen on your lap is still thriving in the UK, with stats showing that 6,000 drivers were fined for using their phones while driving in the month after fines for doing so rose to £200.

A Freedom of Information probing of the police revealed the numbers, which cover the four weeks after March 1st -- when the tougher, higher, money-er, points-on-licence-ier fines for using a phone while being in charge of a tonne of metal came into force.

Road safety charity Brake would like the fine to be further increased to make people stop texting at the wheel, although Edmund King, president of motoring organisation AA, says we have no choice but to wait until, as a whole, society's attitudes to phone use while driving change to thinking it's a mad thing to do, like with smoking, not wearing a seatbelt and playing on train tracks. [BBC]

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