A Derelict House Hidden by an Overgrown Tree Just Sold for Over Half a Million

By Tom Pritchard on at

There's a running joke about the London housing market, where a cupboard under the stairs would cost you over £500 a month in rent plus bills. I say joke. I actually mean sad depressing reality, because those types of listing do exist. Hell even a derelict house will cost more than half a million pounds. That's not hyperbole either, that actually happened yesterday afternoon.

The three bedroom house is in London's Blackheath area, which is one of those fancy places where rich people live and everybody say "hey, you!" instead of "oi, prick!" Did I also mention that the house is almost hidden by a massive overgrown tree? It's so well hidden that it took me a while to find the place on Google Maps.

Seriously, would you even know there was a house underneath all this?

Image: Google Maps

I don't mean Number 4, which has a bit of tree on it. The house I mean is completely engulfed in tree. It's a marvel the thing isn't seriously compromised.

Bidding started at £470,000 yesterday, with three bidders reportedly battling for the property. The winning bid was £554,000. At least it as a 50-foot garden and a garage, which is more than some people can claim to have.

Robin Howeson told the Press Association that you'd need to be a brave buyer to buy such a house, but he had expected it to sell more more.

Admittedly Zoopla claims the average house price on that street is £716,667, but let that sink in. A derelict house that was engulfed by plant life, and the auctioneer thought it would sell for more than £554,000.

He also added that he expected the house would need about £200,000 worth of work. Apparently only the front door and downstairs window are actually visible, while the rest of the house is covered in ivy. There's also the case of the big ass tree blocking the plant-ridden house from view.

It's not clear whether the new owner intends to live there, or rent it out to a few dozen people paying far too much rent. [Press Association via London Evening Standard]

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