Alcoholism Saves Rick and Morty From a Face Hugger in Alien: Covenant Crossover

By Beth Elderkin on at

You know what they say, kids: Don’t use drugs. That is, unless it would save you from getting killed by an alien.

Adult Swim recently shared a Rick and Morty video promoting Alien: Covenant, with the space-travelling duo (reluctantly) answering a distress call from the Covenant after it was infested by aliens. Rick is immediately attacked by a face hugger, only for it to immediately die from second-hand alcohol and drug poisoning.

Lesson learned, folks... alcoholism might be a horrible disease, but at least it’ll protect you from aliens. Sadly, it couldn’t protect Alien: Covenant from being a bad movie.

Rick and Morty returns with season 3 sometime later this summer. [Nerdist]

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