One Of Amazon Alexa's Top 5 Skills Isn't For Humans

By Holly Brockwell on at

When Amazon's Alexa voice assistant first came out, we were all sold on the description of 'Skills' (like apps) as an exciting, open way to make Alexa work with just about anything. We could summon an Uber, we could get our favourite takeaway, we could play games – all by voice.

It turns out none of that was necessary.

Amazon's revealed the top 5 of Alexa's 10,000 skills, and one of them isn't even for people.

  • Animal Game is the cleverly-named skill of thinking of an animal while Alexa asks questions to guess what it is.
  • Radioplayer is self-explanatory (although interesting that so many people are shunning TuneIn, the default).
  • The Magic Door is kind of cool: a choose-your-own voice adventure.
  • Harmony is just the thing that makes Alexa work with Logitech products.
  • And Meow? Meow is for cats.

You meow, it meows back. According to the reviews, this drives your cat insane – either in a good or a bad way.

bLaZeR666_uk comments that all their cats "come rushing in to see the "new" cat but cant find it anywhere! lol" while Amazon Customer "had to turn this off as the cat hated it so must be good."

I tried it on my pampered puss, and she proceeded to ignore both it and me entirely while also knocking over a full cup of tea with her tail. I think that's feline for "one star."

Try it on your own domestic floof here.

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