Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google: Which One Would You Ditch First?

By Holly Brockwell on at

A simple question in a tweet has thrown the geek world into chaos. Like a truly horrible version of Shag, Marry, Kill, Farhad Manjoo's tweet asks you to imagine jettisoning the big names of tech. And it's hard.

So hard that Manjoo himself couldn't make up his mind:

Facebook and Apple are popular first choices, because while there's nothing quite like Facebook for keeping in touch with friends and family, we'd all probably be a lot more productive (and happier) without it. Although of course you'd have to stop using Instagram, Messenger and Whatsapp, too, and that's a much bigger deal for many of us.

Losing Apple would suck for many people, yes, but there are alternatives: replace your beloved iPhone with a high-end Android and you might actually find you prefer it. And yes, you'll miss the battery life on your Macbook, but there's always PCs.

The other two are tougher. Losing Amazon means next-day (or same-day, or even 1-hour) delivery on pretty much everything ever made. If you use it for groceries and baby supplies, as many Americans do, that's going to screw you over pretty hard. Realistically, while you've got plenty of choice for internet shopping, none of it comes close to what Amazon pulls off logistically. Plus you'd have to stop using Alexa, Amazon Video, your Fire TV Stick and Kindle if you have one – and everything powered by Amazon Web Services.

For me, though, the hardest to lose would be Google. Not just the search engine (ugh, Bing) but Google Maps, Drive, Gmail, Calendar, Keep, YouTube, Photos (nooo), Google Home/Assistant, Chrome and of course Android. That's half my life gone!

How about you? In what order would you drop the Big Four? Let us know in the comments, which thankfully aren't powered by any of them. [CNET]

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