Amazon Has Officially Unveiled the Echo Show

By Tom Pritchard on at

There have been quite a few leaks regarding a new Echo over the past several days, and now Amazon has made everything official. Here's the Echo Show, an Echo with a touchscreen and camera.

It's basically the same as the speaker-like Echo, but with a screen that adds some new goodies. The screen brings up extra information when you ask about things- be it the weather, lyrics, recipes, or whatever. That same screen can also play news videos (with commentary from news organisations), along with support for Prime Photos and Prime Music. It's also got video and voice calling built in, but from the looks of things you need to use the Alexa app rather than the service you're used to.

The screen also means you can integrate even more of your smart home devices into the Echo infrastructure, with Amazon using baby monitors and front-door cameras as examples of what you can do.

The Echo Show has a seven-inch touch-enabled display, with two two-inch speakers underneath. It's got the same tech as the standard echo, including the array of noise cancelling microphones. That front facing camera packs 5MP of resolution, so it's not going to be that different from using the one on your phone.

The Echo Show hasn't appeared on Amazon UK yet, but according to this morning's leak it'll end up costing £220 when it does. Considering the price has already supposedly been set, we shouldn't have long to wait before pre-orders open. Americans have to pay $230, with a release date of 28th June.

I still don't see why most of these features couldn't be accomplished with a regular Echo and a Fire Tablet though. [Amazon via The Verge]