Apple Is Reportedly Working On Built-in AI Chips For Future IPhones And Other Devices

By Dave Meikleham on at

Back in 2011, Apple was right at the forefront of implementing artificial intelligence software in its products. Six years on though, Siri no longer seems like a technological marvel, while rival giants Amazon have skipped ahead of the Cupertino colossus with AI-driven devices like Amazon Echo. Yet if reports from Bloomberg's Mark Gurman are accurate, it looks like Apple could be about to implement dedicated AI chips in future devices.

Said to be internally referred to as the "Apple Neural Engine", the chip's processor is purportedly devoted to AI tasks, such as speech and facial recognition. In turn, Bloomberg reports this could potentially lighten the load on the processor and graphics chips of whatever devices Apple decide to install the chip on, subsequently improving battery life - the long rumoured iPhone 8 would seem to be the perfect early test subject

Apple has so far refused to comment on the reports, but Bloomberg's anonymous source also speculates the Apple Neural Engine could make it into the company's other upcoming ventures, like Apple's self-driving technology or the Siri speaker.

Yup, this definitely seems like another step down the road to Skynet wiping us all out.