Armed Police Start Patrolling the UK's Trains

By Gary Cutlack on at

British Transport Police is upping its visibility in the UK, announcing that it's to start having armed police patrolling the overground trains, like we're in some sort of futuristic society-gone-bad sci-fi thriller but with shitter Wi-Fi.

The "specially trained firearms officers" are there to reassure people; if, that is, it's at all possible to feel reassured when a man with a gun is watching you struggle with the lid of a single portion of UHT milk.

BTP's Chief Constable Paul Crowther explained: "By having firearms officers on board trains we’re ensuring that trains remain as safe as possible for passengers. Our patrols will be highly visible and passengers should feel comforted by their presence. Please do speak to them if you have any concerns at all." [BTP via Reuters]

Image credit: Twitter

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