ASDA Banana Spiders Force House Evacuation

By Gary Cutlack on at

That thing about deadly overseas spiders getting in the bananas and coming over here to panic the nation? It's happened again. It's happened to some poor woman in County Durham who had to get out of the house while Spiderbusters came in and nuked the place.

Gemma Price was eating the banana in question at the time, too, if you need a horrific food-based mental image to help you eat a bit less for dinner today. She noticed "hundreds" of little spiders coming out of it, called the police, who called ASDA, who sent around some pest controllers, who told her to TAKE THE BABY AND RUN while they dealt with the outbreak of what was believed to be a party of Brazilian wandering spiders on a holiday to the Pennines.

ASDA says this sort of thing is rare so you can carry on eating bananas in the hope you might find some and get on the news or receive a £10 voucher as an apology. [BBC]

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