BBC to Tighten Rules on Free TV for Old People

By Gary Cutlack on at

The BBC has come up with a plan that could earn it an extra £150m a year in license fee income, and the good news is that it attacks those freeloading old people with their pensions and their questionable opinions about people from overseas.

Currently, any household with someone over the age of 75 in it qualifies to skip paying the TV license, even if it's just one token old person in the loft of a house full of kids. The BBC would like to change this, so that only households where 100 per cent of the occupants are over 75 qualify, so that's bad news for Bruce Forsyth and any other old couple where there's a significant age difference between spouses.

The problem for the BBC is that from next year it has to start footing the burden of subsidised license fees alone, as the previous agreement that saw it reimbursed by the government starts to kick in -- and the BBC is allowed to set its own rules about who pays what in return. [Guardian]

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