Beware of Men Bearing Dead Squirrels

By Gary Cutlack on at

A man is doing the rounds of Tunbridge Wells with a dead squirrel in his bag, a dead squirrel he's using as a prop to scam home owners into paying out big money for unnecessary repair jobs to their properties.

The chap has been reported showing the dead squirrel to people living in the area, and is using it to pretend there's some sort of infestation of the animals up on their rooftops. An infestation he can quickly solve and, oh, while he's up there he might as well carry out some urgent fictional roof repairs as well.

Kent police sergeant Andy Miller said: "This man targets people by cold-calling and demanding cash up front. Work then carried out is either minimal, or nothing has been done at all. We are continuing to investigate a number of complaints related to these incidents and our advice remains the same for anyone dealing with cold-callers."

Which is don't deal with them at all, especially if they carry dead things around with them, as that's not really normal, especially in Tunbridge Wells. [The Times]

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