Birmingham Wood in Lockdown Due to Drugs and Dogging

By Gary Cutlack on at

The bluebells of Uffmoor Wood in Halesowen will be going unsniffed and unphotographed from now on, as the Woodland Trust has locked off the site because it was being used by locals in the wrong way.

Instead of strolling about picking wild garlic, laughing merrily and perhaps having one responsible litre of supermarket cider in the sunshine, the visitors have been indulging in rampantly bad behaviour, including letting dogs off the lead to fight and kill sheep, verbally abusing Woodland Trust staff, plus there are reports of drug dealing and weird sex stuff going on too.

The Trust has publicly shamed the site in a press release, explaining: "Uffmoor Wood has become one of the Trust’s most problematic sites with weekly complaints being made, despite signs asking that the woods be used responsibly, and that dogs be kept on a lead. Some of the worst offences have been dogs attacked by other pets allowed off the lead, sheep killed on neighbouring land, and dog fouling. Other contributing factors include drug abuse, groups meeting for sex and the use of off-road bikes."

It's about ten minutes south of the A456 in Halesowen, if you want in on the action. Although you'll have to jump the gates to get into this West Midlands Sodom and Gomorrah, as the Woodland Trust has locked all the entrances to the 209 acres of woodland in order keep people out, so they can cool off and find somewhere else to buy dope and wank at a sad lady through a car window. [BBC]

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