Brands Waste Millions on Adverts We Can't See

By Gary Cutlack on at

Here's some good news for takeover haters. The big brands and their millions of pounds of advertising money are often simply throwing their cash into a vast digital chasm when placing ads around things, as the rise in mobile web viewing means many ads are being displayed in spots and at resolutions where their painstakingly crafted little messages can't even be seen.

According to ad strategy group Meetrics, some £750m is being wasted each year now on adverts that are too small or too out of the way on the page or app to be noticed by their intended demographic, with only 47 per cent of ads served in the UK to mobile viewers in the first quarter of 2017 meeting basic viewability guidelines.

Anant Joshi from Meetrics explained: "Obviously, the smaller screen size can mean more page scrolling and, thus, more chance of ads being missed lower down a page, plus slower network connection speeds can cause ad loading delays. There's also the legacy issue of desktop ads served on mobile which don’t format properly, despite the use of responsive design." [Mobile Marketing]

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