Bristol Crane Opens for B&B

By Gary Cutlack on at

A listed former cargo crane in a dock in Bristol is the latest "glamping" pod for rich people to sit in on the Wi-Fi all day, with the crane-based treehouse now available for rent.

For £185 a night, visitors get to sit eight metres up in the air in their little house, where they can think about how lucky they are not to have been born 50 years earlier and had to actually be in the crane and its surrounding area before it was gentrified.

The developer has given Crane 29 a treehouse vibe inside for some reason, juxtaposing the workmanlike exterior and boring council-required external staircase with timber and plants internally, creating something that looks like it was built in the woods by a handyman without planning permission. And there's a composting toilet, as these days you can't just run waste pipes out into the docks.

The good news is that there's some sort of marketing and/or charity stunt ethic behind it all, with the profits from 100 nights of rental this summer going to environmental charity Friends of the Earth. [Canopy & Stars via South Wales Argus]

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