Campaigners Want the Sugar Tax on Sweets as Well

By Gary Cutlack on at

Campaigners are already demanding that the Sugar Tax that's about to be added to overly sweet soft drinks should be expanded, with anti-sugar lobbyists suggesting that adding the levy to all confectionary and forcing manufacturers to reduce sugar or raise costs should be next.

This demand comes from charity Action on Sugar, which says that cakes and treats sold in coffee shops and restaurants should also be included in a future expansion of the tax on sugary things, as that's where a lot of people impulsively sneak in a few thousand extra calories alongside a hot drink.

The pressure group's chairman Graham MacGregor said: "The levy should be structured by the HM Treasury as per the soft drinks industry levy, whereby it is aimed at manufacturers to encourage them to reduce sugar in their overall product ranges. Any revenue raised should go towards improving health in the UK."

It also wants tougher enforcement of the tax across the drinks industry, as it suspects that companies that aren't reformulating their drinks are passing on the tax to consumers by spreading out the cost across high and low sugar drinks so they don't actually lose anything overall. [Action on Sugar via Guardian]

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