Cancelled Windows Phone Rocked Quite the Funky Physical Keyboard

By Dave Meikleham on at

So. Many. Early. Blackberry. Flashbacks. Images have just leaked of a cancelled Windows handset that's rocking a funky physical keyboard.

Image: Baidu

The shots leaked via Chinese website Baidu, and appear to show a prototype Nokia Lumia-branded Windows Phone, from what's thought to be around 2012. Though no final specs for the kiboshed phone have surfaced, we know the proposed device name was going to be the Nokia RX-100.

Perhaps this canned collaboration between Microsoft and Nokia shows the two tech giants wanted to try and eat into the BlackBerry's market share, but alas, we'll never know if the ploy would have been successful.

Go into that long good night, Nokia RX-100. Clearly you were too beautiful (in a really chunky way) for this world.

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