Cardboard Banksy Banner Could Make Owner £15,000

By Gary Cutlack on at

A bit of cardboard rescued from a protest in 2003 when people gathered to shout things against the Iraq war of the day is about to go on sale, with an anticipated final asking price expected to be around the £15k mark. That's because it's a rarity in the art world; a portable Banksy.

The artist created a few banners for the 2003 protest, featuring his usual themes of juxtaposition of subjects to make it look like there's some sort of deeper meaning present. In this case, the one that survived is of a child hugging a bomb with the word "NO" stencilled atop it, as the artist rather cleverly hints to the world that bombs are bad. Given that he made this in 2003 and there are still bombs around today, his subtle anti-war message appears to have failed to change the world.

But there's good news for the current owner, who could expect a massive payday when it goes to auction this Wednesday. A spokesperson for art auction house Rowley's said of the piece: "It is one of those rare occasions when you can genuinely call a picture iconic, the fact that this image is on a rather fragile piece of creased cardboard just adds to it. Banksy adeptly captured the anti-war sentiment in this image." [Rowley's via BBC]

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