Cheese-Rolling King Secures Hat Trick

By Gary Cutlack on at

The annual cheese-rolling events at Cooper's Hill in Gloucestershire took place over the weekend, and we're happy to report that, once again, no one died. The overall victor was, once again, Chris Anderson.

Anderson is something of a cheese-catching expert, as he won all three key men's events this year. This takes his haul of titles -- and entire cheeses -- to 20, earned over the last 13 years of competing in the downhill limb stress test. He's only 29, so should have many more years of running down a hill to get cheese ahead of him. He plans to auction off one of the cheeses for charity, and will give away the others, as he's not particularly keen on eating vast wheels of cheese.

18-year-old Keavy Morgan won the women's event. [BBC]

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