Currys PC World Is Coming To A Tesco Near You

By Ian Morris on at

Tesco may already sell a lot of tech to its punters, but in two of its stores, the retail giant plans to plonk Currys PC World mini-shops. At least we assume their mini-shops, perhaps Tesco is also planning to create a "Synecdoche, New York" type arrangement of a giant warehouse containing a whole civilisation.

The stores in question are Milton Keynes and Northampton. The first coming next month and the second later in the summer, at the end of August. The plans are ambitious, according to Engadget, which says there will be PC advice and repair along with the ability to switch energy suppliers. It's unclear if you'll also be able to buy cars, houses and boats in any of these new megastores.

Tesco CEO Matt Davies said “We’re always looking at ways to offer our customers the best possible range of services in our stores. We think this is a winning combination for customers and look forward to opening the first outlet in our Milton Keynes store in July".

If nothing else this might solve the problem of Tesco's tech areas being a little, shall we say, understaffed. If you've been in an Extra store it can sometimes be a challenge to track down someone to help you buy things.

[via: Engadget]