Demand Free Water to End Plastic Pollution

By Gary Cutlack on at

We are apparently all too polite and embarrassed to be seen as poor freeloaders to ask for tap water in pubs and restaurants, hence we pay way too much money for bottled water, with the empty plastic vessels then embarking on a one-way mission into the stomach of a sea lion or whale.

That's what water filter company Brita says, anyway, if you ignore the fact that it has quite a large vested interest in getting the nation glugging tap water instead of something that's been shipped in from an Alpine mountain spring.

The stats show that 70 per cent of people are too embarrassed to ask for a bit of free water when out and about, with 37 per cent saying they're also too ashamed to ask for their reusable bottles to be filled up -- even if buying something from the shop they're in.

You need to stride in and demand your legally-enforceable free water that all licensed premises are obliged to hand out, they say, instead of buying plastic bottles full of it then throwing the bottle in a nearby river when you're done. Or just try to go more than 20 minutes without swigging from a bottle. You won't die.

Brita's Sarah Taylor said: "It's great to see that many cafes, shops and other businesses already proactively offer free drinking water and encourage customers or non-customers to fill up, but we need more businesses to follow in their footsteps, greater availability of public drinking fountains, and to boost people's understanding of their water rights." [Guardian]

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