Details About Amazon's Echo Show Leak Hours Before its Rumoured Launch

By Tom Pritchard on at

Remember over the weekend when we first saw pictures of what was supposedly a brand new Amazon Echo? That's right, the one with the touchscreen. Well rumour is that it'll be launched sometime today, but that hasn't stopped even more information from leaking.

It's apparently called the Echo Show, which feels like a bit of a daft name. But I suppose you can't really fault Amazon for naming this, and the previously announced Echo Look, with fairly literal descriptions of what they actually do.

Image: AFTV News

The leak also indicates that the Show will cost $230 in the US and £220 here. So it looks like us Brits are getting screwed on the exchange rate again. Pre-orders are supposed to open today, but the devices themselves won't actually ship until 28th June.

According to past rumours this new Echo ups capabilities of the device, offering visual information, a touch-enabled display, and video calling. Voice control is reported to be the primary control method, just like the Echos of old.

I just have to wonder why this thing is so damn expensive. Is there any reason why a cheap Fire Tablet couldn't do any of this stuff? It has all the right hardware (as far as we know). I guess all you really need is to plug in a speaker and wait for someone to hack the right software onto Fire OS. We'll just have to wait and see if Amazon has any tricks up its sleeve. [AFTV News via Slashgear]

Featured image via @evleaks

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