Doctor Who Nerds Will Need a Pair of Headphones This Weekend

By Gary Cutlack on at

The BBC's still having the occasional fiddle with posh audio formats, and is using flagship entertainment experience Doctor Who to try to get people watching TV with their headphones on this weekend.

The May 6 episode Knock Knock is to benefit from a special iPlayer-only sound mix alternative version, one that'll appear for streaming as soon as the regular episode has been screened on BBC1. It's "binaural" apparently, which should deliver a "3D surround soundscape" to anyone watching it with a pair of headphones on, so there will be baddies making noises all over the place if it works as planned.

There's a preview clip at the top of the BBC's Doctor Who portal, so you can try it now to see if it's worth containing yourself for an extra 50 minutes this Saturday to watch the new episode with the enhanced audio tricks. The clip hints that the episode has a baddie who runs around a house in the walls like the Alien, hence there's room for audio trickery. [BBC]

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