Don't Use the New Fivers to Snort Drugs, Unless You Want to Get 'Winstoned'

By Tom Pritchard on at

Snorting drugs with a rolled up bank note is a tradition that's been with us for as long as bank notes and casual drug use have been around. But these new plastic fivers are putting a damper on things, with cocaine users finding themselves getting 'Winstoned'.

In case you're not up to date with drug-related slang, getting Winstoned is the hip and happening term for people who snort some cocaine with the plastic fivers and end up cutting their nose in the process.

One anonymous cocaine aficionado told the Metro that the new fivers originally felt like a godsend, because they rolled up a lot better than their paper predecessors. And if you're sharing with a bunch of people it's not as big a deal if someone pinches it. But ending up with a cut nose isn't uncommon, and basically turns the new fiver into something akin to a dirty heroin needle.

Think about it. If you're sharing a bank note with someone who manages to slice their nose open, even just a little bit, you're putting yourself at risk. West Berkshire's Young People’s Drug and Alcohol Service website warns that any blood infections, like HIV or hepatitis B & C, could be absorbed through your nose lining with the drugs.

That advice seems to have been there for a while, but with the new fivers slicing people open more regularly, cocaine users better be careful and make sure they take their own personal fiver to their next cocaine-fuelled meet & greet. [Metro]

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