Crossrail Trains Are Now Making Regular Appearances Ahead Of Schedule

By Holly Brockwell on at

Train fans will be excited to hear that the first Elizabeth Line (Crossrail) stock has started making regular appearances on the line, ahead of its official opening later this month (pinch, punch, etc).

The line isn't opening all at once: it'll go in five phases, with the first being Liverpool Street to Shenfield. That's the one opening this month, then the others will start a whole year later in May '18.

The project's been in progress since all the way back in 2009, and is currently – somewhat incredibly – still on time and within budget. According to Crossrail Limited's incredibly specific timeline, the project is currently 80% complete (when we visited the Liverpool Street-Shenfield line back in '16, it was at 77%):

In the meantime, though, Elizabeth Line trains have been making regular appearances on the line as dry runs. This is our first look at the purple line's new stock, which will carry an estimated 200m passengers a year and aims to make it faster to get between popular destinations in London and beyond. When it's fully complete in December '18, it'll take people as far as Reading.

The train tests have been running as far back as February, but now that we're getting closer to launch date, they're getting more and more regular.

If you want to see one before the line's fully operational, grab your anorak and head down to a Crossrail station. You can see the full Elizabeth Line route here. [Metro]

Main image: TfL

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