Europe's Getting Standalone Switch Docks

By Tom Pritchard on at

The Switch is a portable console, but doesn't just mean it's for playing Zelda on the bus. The docking system means you could theoretically have one dock for every TV you own, moving the console around depending on where you feel like spending your day.

That requires buying multiple docks, though, and thankfully Nintendo has confirmed they're coming to Europe on 23rd June.

As that tweet explains you'll get a new dock, an HDMI cable, and a power cable. That last one is extra nice of Nintendo, because they do seem to enjoy selling power cables separately.

There's no pricing yet, but if it's anything like the price of the docks being sold in the US it won't be cheap. Those are going on sale next week (19th) for a whopping $90. That's around £70, and counting 20% VAT means we should expect it to cost anywhere between £85 and £90 when it arrives here. Thanks, post-Brexit exchange rate.