Facebook Advertises its Fake News Distribution Prowess

By Gary Cutlack on at

Facebook is taking responsibility for the spread of "fake news" around the world in quite the unusual way, turning to full-page print adverts in some newspapers to warn readers that its social network often can't be trusted.

The ads are running in The Times, Telegraph, Financial Times and Guardian papers, where they repeat the network's online advice about how it might be a good idea to check the provenance of the news story you're about to share with your 201 followers, lest it make you look a bit silly when someone tells you it's a load of rubbish. It wants the broadsheet readers of the nation to act as unpaid monitors of its blemished news feeds.

Under the heading "Tips for spotting false news," Facebook says readers might want to check the date things were published, examine the url to see if it's coming from the BBC or the BBCC, and warns that they should be sceptical about attention-seeking headlines because, well, anyone can post any old rubbish and Facebook doesn't really care as long as people keep clicking. [Press Gazette]

Image credit: Twitter

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