Get Ready to Start Logging Into BBC iPlayer

By Tom Pritchard on at

The BBC has announced that everyone who uses BBC iPlayer will have to start logging in within the next few weeks.

The Corporation has denied that the move is an attempt to crack down on licence fee evaders, though it did admit the login system will help identify who isn't paying to use the service. Instead it's part of previously announced plans to make BBC services "more personal and relevant to you". That means tailored recommendations, and saving your progress across all your devices.

Andrew Scott, launch director of MyBBC, reiterated that this new system isn't about enforcing the licence fee. The BBC won't be using any sort of surveillance techniques or asking ISPs to match IP addresses to home without a licence. That being said he did admit that they would be able to match login emails to people who have already claimed they don't need a licence. After all, the law now says you need a TV licence to watch BBC iPlayer - even if it isn't live television.

The exact date the login system will launch has yet to be revealed, though users will start getting notifications about it sometime today. [The Guardian]

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