Have You Seen 24,000 Bees?

By Gary Cutlack on at

A posh country estate in South Yorkshire has been the victim of a crime, and it's a particularly unusual case. It involves the theft of 24,000 bees from the gardens of Hooton Pagnell Hall.

Obviously the bees were not stolen individually from flower tops, but were lifted as a job while they were in their hives at night. The thief took six complete bee hives in the raid, with the owners suspecting it to be the work of rival beekeepers as they think that anyone without the knowledge of the sacred bee-whispering techniques would've got themselves stung to death if they'd just bunged the boxes into the back of a van.

Four hives were full of honey too, plus the operators of the estate say they've lost four critical queen bees in the raid too. The estate's Amanda Clayton said: "It has to be another beekeeper, which breaks my heart to say. I think someone has had their eye on them, there were pounds of honey ready to harvest, and whoever stole them won’t have to do much work. It was a clean job, they left no clues as to who they were. I’m angry that someone has come along and taken something we have taken so long to build."

So don't buy any bees or suspiciously cheap honey being sold out of the back of a van in plastic cups. [The Times]

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